The Gonzalez staff is comprised of engineers, construction managers and inspectors, including several former Department of Transportation employees. This experience gives us a thorough understanding the unique functionality and specific technical requirements specific to each mode of transportation. Our seasoned team provides competitive solutions for highway, bridge, mass transit, rail and other challenging transportation construction projects. Utilizing an analytical, innovative and responsible approach, we efficiently manage all aspects of planning, design and construction processes. 

Water Resources


Gonzalez Companies provides comprehensive engineering services to municipalities, private and public water utilities and private developments of differing size and complexity throughout the Midwest. With a diverse mix of engineers and construction managers, we plan and design cost-effective solutions that help our clients treat, preserve and conserve valuable water resources. Our experts can help clients identify new sources, analyze and make recommendations for existing and proposed systems, develop design specifications and bid documents as well as provide construction management services for all types of water utility projects. 


Gonzalez Companies conducts comprehensive stormwater design, construction management, construction inspection and drainage analyses for our public and private clients throughout the Midwest. We assist municipalities in meeting their stormwater engineering needs with sensitivity to budgetary constraints, optimization of land use and minimal disruption to the environment. We develop and implement cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing low impact solutions for the private sector as well, whether the project is a single building or a multi-acre development. With our extensive experience in EPA and FEMA permitting and compliance, Gonzalez is trusted to offer the technical knowledge and capacity of a large company, while providing the economic efficiencies and hands on service of a small firm.


Gonzalez Companies has extensive experience serving Midwest municipalities with engineering, construction management and construction inspection services for their wastewater projects. Our sanitary engineering team is well versed in the emerging technologies and the latest regulations for the most complex wastewater management plans. We provide a full complement of services from planning through implementation and renovations of existing systems. Our unconditional commitment to timely completion, detailed adherence to specifications, conscientious cost control and optimum use of all resources ensures client satisfaction and project success. 

Inflow  & Infiltration 

Gonzalez Companies has provided multi-phased, NASSCO-compliant Inflow and Infiltration investigations and analyses for multiple municipalities throughout the Midwest region. Our team members are experts in collecting data for the purpose of reducing I/I, including identification of illegal property connections and defects that can affect treatment plant capacity and cause sanitary sewer overflows. With a complete understanding of the value and limitations of each Inflow and Infiltration procedure, our team is highly qualified and experienced in assessing current conditions; evaluating collected data; identifying underlying causes; and developing cost-effective recommendations.


Gonzalez Companies has assembled a quality team of experienced telecommunications engineers, project managers and inspectors to meet all of your telecommunications and data center needs. Working with our clients’ IT experts, our team designs solutions that can lower infrastructure investment, increase productivity, improve efficiency and ensure the highest quality and security control standards. Clients are assured of having an experienced and knowledgeable partner on the ground, facilitating the integration of electrical, mechanical, lighting, HVAC, security, fire protection and power generating systems while each phase of construction is performed.


Gonzalez provides comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS), Mapping, and Asset Management services designed to access, organize, analyze and consolidate geographically-referenced data from multiple sources in different formats and locations into a single, unified visual presentation. Our well-planned and well-developed GIS services offer critical information that can assist in the decision-making and planning efforts of our utility, public and private sector clients. The use of GIS allows everyday activities, such as asset management, utility coordination and land use planning, to be performed more efficiently, generating substantial savings in time and money. In addition to providing critical information regarding site suitability and selection, Geospatial analyses also shows environmental features such as wetlands, surface water and forest canopies that can impact construction.