The aviation experts at Gonzalez are well-versed in the demands placed on airport systems. We understand the operation of airports and the supporting technology, enabling us to provide our clients with integrated and customized solutions for safe, reliable, and efficient operation.

Securing an Airport Improvement Program grant or using Passenger Facility Charge revenue to support a project begins with a favorable determination on an Airport Layout Plan (ALP). We possess extensive knowledge and experience developing ALPs to the prescribed federal standards.

Our professionals have worked with hundreds of airport clients providing succinct advice to effectively align local project goals and objectives with national policies and standards. We have the skills needed to align client visions with the statutory and FAA program policy for fully justified projects or programs.

TAXIWAy echo reconstruction

lambert international airport, st. louis, mo

2017 Quality Concrete Award Winner,
American Steel Fabrication/Concrete Council

Gonzalez was retained to perform construction management, supervision of the construction, resident engineering, inspection, and quality assurance for the reconstruction of Taxiway Echo at the City of St Louis’ Lambert International Airport.  Taxiway Echo is the midfield taxiway between the active, parallel Runways 12R-30L and 12L-30R at the east end of the airport.  The reconstruction included approximately 17,000 square yards of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (18 and 24-inches thick) and associated excavation, asphalt shoulders, airfield lighting, storm water improvements, pavement underdrainage, signage, direct buried duct banks, final grading, and seeding. 

Throughout this project Gonzalez acted as an agent and extension of Assistant Airport Director for Engineering, responsible for all Federal Aviation Administration requirements associated with construction activities communicating directly with Airport Operations staff as needed.

stormwater pollution prevention plan

st. louis regional airport, st. louis, mo

The St. Louis Regional Airport is required to maintain a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) as a requirement for their National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for Stormwater Discharges from Industrial Activities. The services of Gonzalez were procured to provide updates to the existing SWPPP, which had not been done for the airport since 2007.  The SWPPP was required to comply with regulations from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) as well as the Federal Aviation Administration’s Advisory for Management of Airport Industrial Waste.

Services provided by Gonzalez include: updating the inventory of airport facilities; recording site improvements since the previous SWPPP update; compiling a list of possible pollutants in the area; updating existing stormwater management controls; providing site and drainage maps; updating inspection forms, checklists, and practices; and recommending Best Management Practices (BMPs) where applicable.

airport planning & development services

various locations

  • Independent Fee Reviews for Professional Services (Baxter County, AR; Lake Village, AR; Paragould, AR; Stuttgart, AR)
  • Quality Assurance Review for Passenger Facility Charge applications (Will Rogers World Airport, Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Assisting in development of Airport Capital Improvement Plans (Will Rogers World Airport, Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Preparing Disadvantaged Business Enterprise plans and goals per Part 26 (Eufaula, OK)