Gonzalez provides expertise through the full range of geotechnical services, which typically includes site condition specifics, soil borings, laboratory testing, stream and slope stabilization, foundation recommendations, professional interpretation of results, preparation of geotechnical engineering reports, and documentation as required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Collectively, our team has upwards of 70 years of experience in geotechnical engineering, 20 years of NEPA documentation experience, and approximately 80 structural geotechnical reports.

The geotechnical expertise at Gonzalez allows engineering design teams to develop cost-effective and practical solutions for project. Our goal is to increase safety, provide mobility, and promote economic development while maintaining and respecting the environment.

42nd & q street sewer separation (CSO)

Omaha, NE


Gonzalez was hired to prepare preliminary and final design for separation of an existing combined sewer into separate sanitary and storm sewer systems in the City of Omaha. The project is located in the area surrounding the 42nd Street and Q Street intersection, and is part of the City of Omaha’s Long Term Control Plan (LTCP). The sewer separation project eliminated CSOs 207 and 208, two outfalls into Blood Creek.

The preliminary design was on a short schedule, to accommodate the 42nd & Q St. bridge project design underway in the center of the CSO area. The Gonzalez/CSO project recommendations were incorporated into the bridge project design. Gonzalez was then retained by the City of Omaha for completion of final design in the remaining CSO area.

The Gonzalez team evaluated the existing system conditions and developed four separation alternatives for a Basis of Design Report. The chosen alternative for construction includes: 7,270 linear feet of new storm sewer; 840 linear feet of new sanitary sewer; a bioretention system in Hitchcock Park; a storm sewer tunneling installation beneath a railroad; a sanitary sewer tunneling installation beneath Q Street; and existing street and sidewalk removal and replacement.

Geotechnical services provided include:

  • Geotechnical desktop survey of existing soils information to evaluate conceptual design of project components
  • Preparation of geotechnical desktop survey report
  • Geotechnical subsurface investigation and laboratory testing
  • Preparation of Geotechnical Report
  • Preparation of Specifications for tunneling construction

west Papillion creek bank stabilization

Omaha, NE

A section of embankment along Barrington Park Trail collapsed during a storm event. The creek carries runoff from a 15 square mile watershed in the City of Omaha. The City of Omaha requested Gonzalez analyze the erosion problem and provide a design solution for repair. The project involved evaluating and developing a streambank stabilization and internal drainage solution, coordination with regulatory and public agencies for permitting approval, and preparation of construction bid documents. The project required permitting through the City of Omaha, Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District, and the US Army Corps of Engineers. The design team managed the project from initial analysis through the construction phase.

Services provided by Gonzalez include:

  • Investigation of Creek Bank Erosion
  • Review of existing drainage studies in the project area
  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic (HEC-RAS) analysis of creek and surrounding watershed area
  • Evaluation of alternate methods of bank stabilization
  • Preparation of final design plans, specifications, and cost estimate
  • Preparation of local and federal permit applications
  • Construction documents and bidding assistance to the City of Omaha
  • Final bid item list and quantities
  • Construction observation and support

wild horse creek rd. bridge replacement

Wildwood, mo

Gonzalez acquired Sequoia Engineering & Environmental who was contracted by the City of Wildwood, Missouri to provide geotechnical services and environmental testing services for the proposed replacement of the Wild Horse Creek Road Bridge (Structure No. 4602092) over a branch of Wild Horse Creek. The project is located along Wild Hose Creek Road between the intersections of Babler Forest Road and Puellman Road in St. Louis County.

The existing bridge is a precast concrete deck beam and stone block abutment with wingwalls. The proposed replacement bridge is a single-span superstructure founded on driven H-pile supported abutments.