Gonzalez provides planning, design, permitting, and construction engineering inspection for a wide range of stormwater related projects. Our experience includes storm sewer design, detention and retention design, stormwater master plans, hydrologic and hydraulic studies for culverts and bridges, SWPPP design and inspection, development review, infrastructure investigations, and permitting with various regulatory agencies.



The Village of Glen Carbon experiences localized stormwater issues such as flooding and erosion at multiple locations throughout the Village. Gonzalez was hired to provide a stormwater management plan for the purpose of identifying current stormwater drainage problems within the Village, investigating documented problem areas, and providing recommendations to alleviate localized stormwater issues.

orchards drainage study

belleville, Illinois

Gonzalez was hired to perform a drainage study for the purpose of delivering a comprehensive plan providing recommendations to reduce flooding potential throughout the development. 

The drainage study included an inventory of flood prone areas and identification of potential causes of flooding. Gonzalez performed GPS data
collection of critical infrastructure at approximately 80 locations in the development.   

Hydrologic and hydraulic analyses were performed to calibrate known flooding to historical storm events, estimate flood potential, and develop recommendations to reduce flood potential throughout the development. Conceptual drawings, an opinion of probable cost, and a priority ranking were developed for each of the recommended improvements to allow the City of Belleville to plan for the implementation of drainage improvement projects for the benefit of impacted residents.

coldwater creek at paddock creek bank stabilization

st. louis, Missouri

Gonzalez provided construction inspection services for the Paddock Creek project.   This project rebuilt an embankment that had eroded over time as a result of high water events. Gonzalez staff performed daily inspections and documented construction activity in daily reports with associated photographs. In addition, We were responsible for oversight of contractor's Quality Control (as Quality Assurance), as-built record drawings, assuring conformance to plans and specifications, and project closeout.