The Gonzalez staff is comprised of engineers, construction managers and inspectors, including several former Department of Transportation employees. This experience gives us a thorough understanding the unique functionality and specific technical requirements specific to each mode of transportation. Our seasoned team provides excellent solutions for highway, bridge, mass transit, rail and other challenging transportation construction projects. 

joliet moveable bridges

will county, illinois

Gonzalez was selected to provided construction inspection services for the improvement of movable bridges in the Joliet area and the bridge office building.  This work includes architectural, mechanical, and electrical improvements, along with installation of communications to remotely operate six movable bridges from the newly renovated IDOT Bridge office near the Jackson Street Bridge. The bridges are located at Jackson Street, Cass Street, Jefferson Street, Ruby Street, Brandon Road, and McDonough Street; all of which run over the Des Plaines River. 

Renovations for the two story bridge office included improvements to the architectural, mechanical, and electrical infrastructure.  The building's exterior work included improvements to the existing brick façade, new roofing, improved fire escape, and new windows and doors and special consideration for containment and disposal of lead contaminated paint on the fire escape. The interior was renovated adding three control stations for remote operation of the movable bridges. Mechanical improvements included new HVAC and plumbing.  Electrical work included outfitting the building with upgraded lighting, receptacles, a backup generator to ensure a reliable power source, and a SCADA system for remote operation.

Route 15 over IL 13

st. clair county, ILlinois

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) procured the services of Gonzalez to provide Phase III construction inspection services for the reconstruction of Illinois Route 15 over Illinois 13 and ICG Railroad in Belleville, Illinois.  The project was part of IDOT’s capital improvement plan that rated these bridges for replacement.  Illinois Route 15 is a highly travelled roadway located in an expanding community.  The roadway project was being built in two stages, one direction at a time, to minimize the impact to the traveling public.  The complete removal and replacement of these structures was complicated by the fact that both structures, and the construction site in general, is located next to wetlands.  Construction for the project had limited space to negotiate reconstruction of the structures and the associated roadwork.


This improvement consisted of removal and replacement of four bridge structures, box culvert installations, drainage improvements, earth excavation, fill placement, modified structural earth (MSE) walls, concrete pavement, asphalt pavement, signing, striping, and pavement reflectors.

Interstate 90 Jane Addams Memorial Tollway

Kane and Cook Counties, Illinois

Phase 2 of the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90) rebuilding and widening project focuses on a 25-mile segment throughout the eastern segment between Elgin Toll Plaza and the Kennedy Expressway. Gonzalez staff is providing Resident Engineer, Document Technician and construction inspection services for this work.

Individual projects include: 

Fiber Optic Relocation: Relocation of 22 miles of fiber optic cable. Aerial installation on wood poles includes conduit, fiber, and hand holes.

Bartlett Road Bridge: Removal and reconstruction of Bartlett Road bridge including retaining wall construction, drainage improvements, guardrail and concrete barrier, pavement marking, signage, lighting, earth excavation, grading, and maintenance of traffic.

Ramp Plaza Modifications: Modifications to three Tollway plazas including prefabricated plaza remote building construction, lighting and electrical improvements, maintenance of traffic, and restoration of landscaping.

Des Plaines Oasis Bridge Demolition and Grading: Removal of Oasis structure, site grading, topsoil excavation and placement, drainage improvements, lighting removal and installation, and reconstruction of both eastbound and westbound oasis truck parking lots with Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC).

Advance ITS Relocation: Removal of existing and installation of temporary CCTV cameras, removal of existing RTMS units, re-aiming MVDS units, and relocation of existing DMS.

Genoa Road Interchange: Rehabilitation and widening of Genoa Road, including reconstruction of Ramps A and B, and removal of ram bridge over I-90. Installation of signage, pavement marking, guardrail, lighting, and new toll equipment.

I-39 ITS Fiber Optics Extension and Dynamic Message Sign: Installation of dynamic message sign on northbound I-39, and fiber optic cable along I-90, including duct, hand holes, and cable. Installation of drainage structures, storm sewer, and erosion control.

Wetland Mitigation Orland Grasslands: Demolition of existing farmhouse buildings, removal of drain tiles, wetlands restoration, and pedestrian bridge construction.