Gonzalez provides planning, design, permitting, and construction engineering services for wastewater collection and treatment projects.   Our experience includes sewer separation, relief sewers, sewer rehabilitation, pump stations, and treatment facilities.  Our staff has a proven track record of delivering cost effective solutions to our clients.

Biosolids Procession Solution

Louisville, Kentucky


The Louisville and Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District’s (MSD’s) main treatment facility is the Morris Forman Water Quality Treatment Center (MFWQTC).  This plant provides biosolids processing for all treatment facilities operated by MSD.  MSD is committed to rehabilitating or replacing some of the existing biosolids processing facilities at the MFWQTC, which consist of sludge thickening, anaerobic digestion, solids dewatering, thermal drying, and marketing and distribution of the thermally dried pellets.  This system uses rotary drum dryers to produce heat-dried biosolids from the sludge generated at 5 MSD Water Quality Treatment Centers. MSD is committed to upgrading their solids processing to sufficient capacity for the MFWQTC through the year 2040.

Gonzalez Companies was part of the team that developed a Project Definition Document (PDD), which represents an approximate 10% design for the replacement of the aging biosolids processing facilities.  The 10% design document will be utilized by design-build entities to prepare bids.  Specific components addressed in the PDD include new solids screening equipment, pre- and post-dewatering centrifuges, thermal hydrolysis pretreatment, combined heat and power (CHP) capabilities and digestor complex retrofits/improvements.


Paragould Light Water and Cable Wastewater Treatment Plant 6MGD WWTP Ultraviolet Disinfection System


Gonzalez developed the technical specifications for the bidding and pre-purchase of the UV equipment by PLWC. We then coordinated with the awarded equipment manufacturer to develop the design plans and specifications for the construction retrofit of the system. Gonzalez also provided PLWC with permitting assistance with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) and Arkansas Department of  Health (ADOH), bidding assistance, and services during construction. 

42nd and q street area sewer separation

omaha, nebraska

Gonzalez provided preliminary and final design services for the separation of an existing combined sewer into separate sanitary and storm sewer systems in the City of Omaha. The project is located in the area surrounding the intersection of 42nd Street & Q Street, and is part of the City of Omaha's Long Term Control Plan (LTCP). The sewer separation project will eliminate CSO's 207 and 208, two outfalls into Blood Creek.

The Gonzalez team was responsible reviewing existing system conditions and collection of additional field data as needed. An existing sewer system analysis was conducted, and four separation alternatives were developed for a Basis of Design Report. The chosen alternative for construction included: new storm and sanitary sewers; vegetated swales and bioretention gardens, trenchless construction, and existing street removal and replacement.

wastewater collection system improvements

warrenton, Missouri

The City of Warrenton's wastewater collection system consists of over 63 miles of gravity-flow sanitary sewer pipe varying in size from 4-inch to 18-inch in diameter with almost 1,500 manholes.   The gravity sewer flows to seven lift stations, which includes one lift station at the WWTP.   Gonzalez provided the City with Facility Planning, Design, and Construction Management Services for the construction of a 4MGD lift station, 6,150 ft of forcemain, 11,200 ft of gravity collection sewers, and a new 12 MGD headworks.