Gonzalez provides planning, design, and construction engineering services for water supply and distribution projects throughout the midwest.  Our staff consists of former licensed operators, construction managers, and design professionals with the experience necessary to deliver cost effective projects that are maintainable for our clients.

Water System Improvements

Troy, Illinois


The City of Troy, Illinois procured the engineering services of Gonzalez to identify the water distribution needs of the City for a 20-year period.  Using projected population growth information provided by the City, Gonzalez developed a hydraulic model of the City’s water supply and distribution system to identify areas of needed improvement and expansion.

Gonzalez then performed the design of the City’s new treatment plant to meet the projected water supply needs.  New high-rate pressure filtration units that have media to remove iron and manganese were selected to minimize the treatment plant’s footprint while still providing improved water quality to meet the projected water demands.  This resulted in savings to the City of Troy in both capital as well as operating cost.  The new plant capacity is 3,000 gallons per minute, or 4.32 million gallons per day.

Design services for the water distribution system included: hydraulic modeling, master planning, sizing and design of a water storage tank, and design of new water distribution mains.  The improvements include a 2 million gallon, precast concrete, wire-wound ground storage tank and booster pump station; a 12-inch tapping sleeve and valve with 16-inch reducer; 7,200 feet of 16-inch PVC pipe, including 246 feet of 24-inch bore and casing under Interstate 55; and a 12-inch PVC tank bypass.

Design services at the plant included: design of a new 1,000 gpm, gravel packed water well; increased capacity for well pumps on wells 2, 3, and 4; design of plant process water piping systems; building modifications to accommodate new high-capacity filtration equipment; filter backwash settling tank; design of a new 500,000 gallon, precast, wire-wound, partially buried concrete tank; electrical upgrades; instrumentation and SCADA upgrades; design of a high-service pump station; site security; and site improvements including precast concrete fencing to meet aesthetic requirements for the project area.

Richmond Rd Station Water Treatment Plant

Lexington, Kentucky

Kentucky American Water Company owns and operates the 25mgd Richmond Road Water Treatment plant. The new facilities consist of the filter building and chlorine contact basin, backwash tank and pump station, and chemical feed vault. Gonzalez assisted in the general contractor selection, provided plan review, and value engineering during the final design process. Additionally, Gonzalez provided resident project representative services for this project. 

St. gemma water main

o'fallon, missouri

The City of O'Fallon procured the services of Gonzalez to provide preliminary and final design for a water main extension along St. Gemma Drive. The project consisted of approximately 1,400 linear feet of 12 inch water main and included a horizontal directional drill crossing of the water main under Peruque Creek. 

Gonzalez companies provided:

Preliminary Design  • Title Search • Survey • Final Design • Permitting • Bidding Assistance • Construction Observation 

water treatment facility clearwell addition

granite city, ILlinois

The Granite City Water Treatment Plant was in need of an expansion of the clearwell capacity to allow for regulatory requirements and overall plant asset conditions. The goal was to achieve the expansion while keeping the existing facility in operation.  

Gonzalez provided the on-site representative during construction. Responsibilities included construction inspection, documentation, and quality assurance. Gonzalez also maintained oversight in critical scheduling and planning to ensure that the existing facility remained in production during the construction of the new facility. Additionally, we coordinated material testing requirements for compliance with the specifications.